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Blacks Adventure Outfitters: Rope Access Gear in Toronto

Blacks Adventure Outfitters, also known as Blacks Rescue, serves the needs of fire departments, police departments, film companies, arborists, bridge workers and those climbing high altitudes. With products from the brands of PETZL®, PMI®, SMC and others, we can help you stay safe while you’re out doing what you do best.

For all things rope, cordage, harness or helmet, go with Blacks Adventure Outfitters! With our team, you can count on personalized, knowledgeable service whether you’re calling us over the phone or visiting our 1931 Gerrard Street location in Toronto.


From our Toronto storefront, we ship ropes, harnesses, helmets, gloves, rigging hardware, slings, webbing, pulleys, packs and assorted accessories throughout Canada. We can help businesses and organizations of any size. Some of the most popular applications for these products include:

  • Technical, High-Angle Rescues
  • Rope Work Access
  • Fall Protection
  • Fall Arrest
  • Industrial Safety
  • Water and Ice Rescues
  • Phone Towers
  • Wind Turbines
  • Stage and Theatre Rigging
  • Confined Space Entry and Egress
  • Recreational Rope Courses and Camps
  • Tree Canopy Tours
  • Circus Performances
  • Search and Rescue
  • Military
  • Coast Guard
  • ...and more
Military Roping Equipment

Find Rope Access Gear in Toronto

Access difficult or hard-to-reach locations with harnesses, ascenders, helmets and safety back-up devices from Blacks Adventure Outdoors. These are useful when inspecting, cleaning or maintaining construction projects such as bridges, towers, buildings, wind turbines and other locations where a scaffold or lift is not ideal. Our products are popular with high-rise painters and window washers, as well!

The Best Brands

Blacks Adventure Outfitters carries the best brands in rope access, rescue and fall protection equipment, including:

PMI® Industries

Important Warning: The technical equipment listed on our online catalogue is designed and intended for technical applications by experts having a thorough knowledge of all the skills required for its proper use. All descriptions and illustrations herein are not instructions, but are intended solely for the reader’s convenience. It is the strict responsibility of the user of the equipment to obtain thorough, qualified instruction in its proper application, including all safety and backup precautions.



Check out our selection of PMI® static, low stretch and search line ropes.


Rigging Hardware

Carabiners, ascenders and descenders, pulleys, swivels, rigging plates — we’ve got all the rigging hardware you need.



Stay safe while performing high elevation work with the use of our state-of-the-art harnesses.