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Carabiner Slings and Webbing for Anchoring and Fall Protection

At Blacks Adventure Outfitters, we offer a number of sling and webbing options. Nylon slings are useful in fall arrest and anchoring situations when used at various heights. In outdoor areas, slings are commonly wrapped around a tree, then closed and completed with a rope to prevent falls. Webbing is essentially an unfinished version of a sling with a shorter length and used almost exclusively for anchoring.

Sewn Runners by CMI

Sewn Runners by CMI

We don't make any wild claims for our sewn runners — when your bar-tacks are stronger than the webbing, that's all that matters. Ours are. The edge we've got is the best prices in the industry. You owe it to yourself to buy traditional CMI quality and save a buck, too! With continuous loops of one-inch webbing, our sewn runners are available in a variety of sizes (X9 to X96) and colours, such as black, red, purple, green, yellow, lime, orange and blue.

  • Strength: 6,000 lbs.
  • Material: 1" Tubular Webbing

For more information on sewn runners by CMI, visit the CMI website or call Blacks Adventure Outfitters, today!

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